Blog Resuscitated: Let’s Try This Again

Relaunching ye olde art blog.  Please enjoy the revamped Instant Elixir.  Tweaking will continue for a while, but this baby is officially open.  Please feel free to use this blog for comments, questions, chat, and to keep up with my blazing career.  Heh.

Changes include:

  1. A move from Blogger to WordPress.  Nothing against Blogger, but I wanted to consolidate my blogging activities under one umbrella.  Now, art, writing, and social blogging are more close related.
  2. A shiny new title.  “Jen Fries: Instant Elixir Cures All.”  What does it mean?  Pfft, I’m a surrealist.  What do you think it means? 😉
  3. Whiz-bang pages for my bodies of work and past/current/future projects and shows.

About Mura

Mura Muravyets is the screen-name of Jen Fries, surrealist artist, book artist, hope-to-be writer.
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