The Mask of Dionysos

This Thanksgiving Day, I released a work I’ve kept under wraps for several years: The Mask of Dionysos, Greek god of wine, feasting, fertility, and pleasure, among other things. It’s now available on Etsy.

My art masks are an old, on-going body of works playing with the idea of masks as religious icons and theatrical personas. This piece portrays Dionysos as a figure of fertility and magical life force, with the wine-red face color, references to various intoxicants the god was associated with, the twisting, snake-like grape vines, and the darkened scene of the moonlit temple over which the mask hangs.

It took me a long time to get this object to tell the story I wanted. The mask was designed years ago, but I held it back till 2008 as I searched for the right framing or “niche” for it. Even then, I held onto, until I was certain of it. When you’re working, as I like to do, with “craftsy” materials like artificial grapes, it can be a challenge to stay out of what I think of as the “craft quagmire,” in which things come out looking more like crafts than art. Craft is perfectly legitimate, of course, but it’s a different effect than what I’m hoping for with this object. I’ll leave it to viewers to decide if I got it.

By the way, treated as a persona, this mask could, technically, be removed from the frame and worn. I wouldn’t recommend it, though. First it’s fragile, as it incorporates natural plant parts. Second, it’s front-heavy, due to the angle of the crown, making it difficult to wear with the simple ties I made for it. But technically, it could be done, making this a true mask. I may consider making a second version of it specifically for wearing.

Until then, I am finally ready to let this one out on a day dedicated feasting and happiness: Dionysos!



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Mura Muravyets is the screen-name of Jen Fries, surrealist artist, book artist, hope-to-be writer.
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5 Responses to The Mask of Dionysos

  1. Maurepas says:

    Dionysus was always one of my favorite Greek Gods, 🙂


  2. Mura says:

    Thanks so much. I’m glad you like it. I lived with that face in various stages around the studio a long time.


  3. Lovely! Makes a wonderful impression. Clearly, playing with one’s food can have delightful consequences! : )


  4. elbrigaking says:

    amazing work, absolutly georgous. Masks always make a mysterious impression.


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