Press for The Diver at Brickbottom Gallery

Click LINK to read coverage of the “Escape Artist” exhibition in the Somerville News by staff news writer Tatiana Kombo.

The Diver, collage of images and found materials, 2010

Quoting in part:

“New York City transplant Jen Fries utilizes a storytelling approach in her art. The Diver is intended to convey a sense of ‘taking a leap.'”

“She describes her piece, stating that ‘It was inspired by watching Olympic divers in competition over the years, and I hope it captures all the possible contexts attached to that moment when the diver leaves the board and does what she’s going to do: energy, passion, freedom, danger, hope, commitment, motion and emotion.'”


About Mura

Mura Muravyets is the screen-name of Jen Fries, surrealist artist, book artist, hope-to-be writer.
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