Miniatures Project Phase 2: Casa Woodmini

So, I’ve been busy. I’m going to go with “busy” rather than “crazy.” Let others judge if they feel like being judgmental, which would make them bad people.

Remember the Woodminis? Link, link, link. Well, they are merely Phase 1 of a possibly ambitious, long-term project series. Having established a design of 1:12 doll I like, I can use their template for more figures in different materials as needed.

Next up, Phase 2. I needed a sense of place. I needed a style to set a mood. I needed props and staging. I needed an atmosphere of interior-ish-ness.

BEHOLD! Casa Woodmini #1!

CW apt long view 1 small

I converted a tiered table into a dollhouse. It’s a nice piece of furniture which I like but for which I had no use, so I cleared off the plants and random junk and took measurements. The concept came to me.

Modern duplex apartment. First floor features open plan living/dining/kitchen space, bath with shower. Spacious master bedroom on second floor. Huge windows. Lots of light. Hardwood floors throughout.

What I like best about it is the finish on the wood “floors.” If it was a real apartment, I’d totally take it just for the floors. Imagined as a living space, it has a kind of 60s/70s, converted-building funkiness that I like, with its odd layout and micro-tiny kitchenette and bathroom such as one finds in expensive condos in urban historic districts. 😉

Half walls stand in for full interior walls for best light and viewing. Absence of wall suggests either large windows or implied wall. I used a combination of found objects and parts of the MOMA Modern Play House set which I picked up at the Peabody Essex Museum shop during their recent California Design exhibition. The condo is 1:12 scale and the MOMA house is 1:24, but it serves well for this arrangement. (The MOMA set furniture also serves for some of the furniture.)

The green wall at the back of the first floor is the box case of a Chinese book I found at Brattle Bookshop in Boston. I have no idea what the book is about. I bought it for the case. The partition wall between kitchen and bath is a section of cardboard, which will eventually be decorated.

The paint stirrer is a place holder for stairs. I’ve gotten stuck on that because I just can’t decide between straight floating stairs, spiral stairs and a curved staircase, and whether and how much to extend the stairs out from the main body of the table. This is the sort of thing I get hung up on.

In the end, unable to commit, I jumped ahead to Phase 3, the building of a whole house which comes with a staircase so the decision is made for me. More on that and what it’s all for in upcoming posts. Even though I will have a fully constructed dollhouse, hopefully by the end of the year, I think I’ll end up keeping this table condo because I really do love those floors. 😀

Until then, please enjoy some images from the condo in progress. I’d love to receive comments and advice, too.





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