New Yorker by birth and attitude. New Englander by inclination. Born under the sign of Aquarius in the year of the Rabbit.  Mostly self-taught specialist in collage and constructions.  I’ve exhibited in alternative spaces in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.  I’m a member of the Brickbottom Artists Association and exhibit regularly in the Brickbottom Gallery in Somerville, MA.


How I got to be a surrealist, I will never know.  Thirty years ago, I started out wanting to be an illustrator in advertising and publishing.  Instead, I wandered down a strange path of connections, references, allusions and illusions that cobbled together, collage-wise, everything I learned, whether the bits were related or not.  Art inspirations, spiritual mentors encountered along the way, include Joseph Cornell, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp.  Somehow my eclectic education and that style of surrealism all just added up in my head.

All of my works have specific meanings and references for me, but they are of secondary importance. My goal is not to tell people things but to get them to tell their own stories, to trigger connections, elicit emotional responses.  I’m always hoping to get people to think – about what they see and about how they are thinking and feeling about what they see.  Every successful piece is a dialogue that begins with the question, “What is this?”


As absorbed in narrative illustration as I am, naturally I write, too, specifically, occult detective stories and swashbuckling fantasy adventures. Yep. Indeed.

I experiment in picture stories in the form of artist books and, upcoming, slide shows, both original stories and retellings of classic tales.


The obsessed tinkerer in me can’t help but spin off the techniques of the artwork into functional design as well.  Books, stationery, and other “life tools” that are just fun to use and have because, you know, why not?

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