Artist Books

Hand-held art objects that bridge the gap between art and narrative.

The Doll’s House, a miniature Gothic melodrama without text.  Images that play with proportion and perspective tell the tale of a household in turmoil.

The Sins of Icarus, a surrealist take on the Greek myth.  This accordion-fold mini-book works both as  a series of images and opened up to a single image to tell the story.

Mission: Venus!, the Atomic Age meets Jules Verne in this tribute to the Golden Ages of Science Fiction told in collage images and captions.

Views From the Fortress of Runes, an album of hand-tinted scenes from a notorious prison that exists in a dream, captioned with excerpts from The Iliad.  The original one-off book was donated to the Brooklyn Art Library and is currently touring with the Art House Co-op’s 2011 Sketchbook Project.

Morbid Anatomy, the result of an experiment for an exhibition on the themes of censorship and book burning. To explore the cognitive disconnect that makes some readers want to destroy a book that others laud as brilliant, I read a book to see what would happen.  I chose The Human Body, Dr. Logan Clendenning, New York 1927, since medicine is arguably the world’s most controversial subject. As I read, I copied out every word, sentence, and paragraph that particularly struck me for any reason. I then reviewed what I had excerpted and discovered a coherent narrative but one entirely different from the book it came out of.  I made Morbid Anatomy from that excerpted narrative.

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