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  Courtesy of, How to be an Artist, According to Paul Klee, Sarah Gottesman, Dec. 21, 2016. The Pedagogical Sketchbook is available in paperback for under $10.00 via Amazon partner sellers as well as other book retailers.  

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One of the World’s Largest Dada Collections Can Now Be Viewed Online, Smithsonian Magazine, 1/3/17

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2017 – First Thoughts

Okay, so, yeah, it’s been a hell of a year or so. I’ve been doing a lot, all of it in the weeds. A lot of looking inwards and outwards. Outwards:   At the same time, inwards:   But I’m … Continue reading

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Thought for the First Day of March


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Floor Plans, Floor Plans: Miniature Project Phase 3 – Orchid Dollhouse Chapter 4

Happy Holidays, Dear Readers. ‘Tis the season for Joy and Japes and Merrie Olde Jestes and all that sort of thing. However, they’re working on the new extension on the house behind ours, and there’s a crew still rebuilding the snot out of My … Continue reading

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