Austerities No. 1

A mixed-media sculpture series of skeletal figures, busts, and hands.

Inspired by Buddhist and Gothic religious art and by museum displays of medical and anthropological specimens, the Austerities series explores the concepts of time and humanity.  The works reduce the human figure to its foundation, its most lasting and universally recognizable elements, presented in spiritually open contexts.

Milagro, Sacred Hands

The core of the series is the Austerities reliefs.  This in-progress group echoes the sculptures that adorn Gothic churches and will consist of up to six works when complete.

The series also includes the religio-scientific Sacred Hands series of models of the bones of the hand and arm, and objects such as the bust of the Woman Found and Studied, inspired by the scientific art of forensic anthropology, and the miniature Bones Studies.

Figure 2: Lovers, paper over plastic skeleton. It Glows!

Woman Found and Studied

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