The Marcelovitch Project

It began with a chance meeting…

In November, 2005, Jen Fries and Riki Moss, two artists who had never met, who were barely aware of each other’s work, and who work in different media, collaborated on an interactive installation they call “An Afternoon with George at the Dog Park.”

George turned out to be one George Marcelovitch, a conceptual artist first noticed standing at the edge of a small urban park where four red dogs appear to be doing something with green balls. Many questions arose: Who is this enigmatic artist? Why is he watching the dogs? What are the dogs doing? If they are making art, what does George think about this? And do the dogs give a rat’s tail about George? What is that in George’s hand?

The artists asked viewers to help understand George, to ponder his biography, question his intentions, his relationship to the dogs and to another Marcel of the recent past.

“An Afternoon with George at the Dog Park” was presented at the 2005 Open Studios of Joy Street Artists and Brickbottom Artists Association, Somerville, Massachusetts.

It was followed by the second chapter of the Marcelovitch Project, presented at the 2006 Joy Street and Brickbottom Open Studios.  “Dog Park, Chapter II” expanded George’s world in response to input from viewers of the first installation and provided George with a world of alluring streets and alleys and a valise of memories and collected specimens.

In 2007, Jen and Riki moved on with their individual careers, and George found his way out of his roughly sketched neighborhood to attend the exhibition of Project SUM: Sculpture Under McGrath, in a solo installation by Jen Fries.  “George and Irene at the Bus Stop” worked off of viewer input to the “Dog Park, Chapter II” to pursue the fictional biography of emergent artist George Marcelovitch.

The three installations so far have spun off a series of in-progress George Marcelovitch artworks, including the Portrait of George exhibited at the 2010 Black & White show at the Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA, an up-coming series of art books, and planned assemblages.  Future public installations and photography events are also waiting in the wings.

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